About Us

Our Values

Our values consist of remaining ethical and fair towards our media creators and partners by promoting transparency. Our core value is to provide only high quality original content across all media platforms. We deliver a professional, tailored service enabling us to develop strong trusting working relationships within all aspects of business. We continuously look to source more placement opportunities in relevant areas that correspond to our values and vision.

Amurco's Vision?

Our vision is to increase opportunities for our music creators worldwide. We always aim to expand further within exsiting areas, develop business in new territories whilst always offering a tailored, professional service. It is imperative to us that we retain our ethos of maintaining a high standard of service while offereing music creators exciting opportunites and placements. 

Where will you hear Amurco content?

Our content is used for diverse business purposes and placed in various outlets such as TV, radio, advertising, gaming, retail, hospitality and leisure.

Who are some of the clients Amurco works with?

We work with businesses across almost every sector to provide them with high-quality multimedia. Some of the brands that we currently work with include: BBC, SKY, Lexus, Mercedes, Mothercare, 7Eleven, & McDonalds.

As A Music Creator…

Amurco’s unique business model allows music creators to remain in complete control of their content at all times. We offer a 50/50 split to all music creators of all royalties generated and our catalogue is currently home to great quality and highly talented music creators and producers.

What is the agreement that would be offered to me as a music creator?

Our agreement is non-exclusive and, as such, allows music creators the flexibility to place their music in other areas while working with Amurco. 

Why should I sign with Amurco?

  • Non-exclusive agreement + 50/50 split of revenue 
  • You remain in full control of your music
  • The opportunity to have your music heard on a global scale throughout various avenues 
  • We are a business founded by musicians & our music creators are of the highest importance 

What will I receive?

You will receive 50% of all revenue generated from placements of your content. 

What genres of music are you looking for?

We accept all genres of music. We offer high quality music of varying styles which, as a result, means we can gain placements throughout all media avenues.

What are the requirements for Amurco's music catalogue?

We are always on the look out for music from music creators and are always happy to receive content. The most important elements we look for in a track are:

  • Commercial Viability
  • Good Production Quality
  • High Compositional/Songwriting Ability

What sort of placement can I expect?

We offer various opportunities for our music creators, which can see your music being played in areas such as TV, Radio, Advertising, Gaming, Retail, Hospitality and Leisure.

How can I submit my music?

To submit your music, please visit our submissions page with a link to your music/video content and some broad details about yourself. Click Here 

How long will it take before I hear a response?

We will do our very best to get back to you as soon as possible. However, a response should take no longer than 1 month after your original submission. 

Does geographical location matter?

Your location makes little to no difference as all our operations are digital. We are able to efficiently communicate with people from all over the globe. However, please take our office hours into consideration when submitting music or queries.