About Us…

Amurco was founded in 2010 by Howard and Peter Murphy. As an international music licensing company, one of our core values is to always have the music creators’ and producers’ best interests at the heart of all business operations. We work with a huge variety of brands and businesses worldwide, adeptly tailoring content effectively to suit specific clients and are continuously searching for more opportunities for our creators. Currently, we offer placement opportunities throughout avenues such as syncing deals in film, television, gaming, advertising and retail.

 Exporting music globally
 Founded by music creators- for music creators!
 Bringing creativity to opportunities worldwide!
 Established across 20 countries
 Tailored to suit specific business/clients
 Friendly & approachable team

How We Work…

We focus on building and maintaining strong working relationships with our music creators, clients and businesses. Our working practice is transparent, fair and always on the side of the music creator. We work with collection societies such as ASCAP and PPCA to ensure royalties are distributed accurately and share revenue fairly with every  music creator by employing a 50-50 split of all royalties generated. Our agreement is completely non-exclusive, leaving our music creators in complete control over their content and with the freedom to pursue other avenues with their music.

Some of the points to note about how we work:

  Non Exclusive Agreement
  Royalties Split 50/50
  Transparent Accounting

  Ethical Ethos
  Your Music, Complete Flexibility

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